Is Sacred Games 2 the Most Expensive Indian Show on Netflix?

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Netflix India’s Sacred Games 1 had garnered viewership and admiration of people across the globe. The show runner Vikram Aditya Motwane may not prefer we call it this way, but it is indeed the first-ever “Indian show” to have received such an overwhelming response. The cliffhangers of season 1 combined with class performances and clever writing kept the audiences excited for season 2.

With the kind of expectations they were catering to for season 2, there was no way Netflix was compromising on its production value as well. Reportedly, the streaming giant invested a whopping ₹100 crore on this adaptation of Vikram Chandra’s 2006 novel of the same name. This makes Sacred Games 2 the most expensive Indian show (so far) on a streaming platform. Normally, ₹48-₹50 crore is the standard budget for an original content on streaming platforms in India.

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The filming for season 2 started in November 2018 and finished in February 2019. While Anurag Kashyap filmed portions of Nawazuddin Ziddiqui in different locations, such as Nairobi, Kenya, Mombasa, Cape Town, and Johannesburg, Neeraj Ghaywan (Masaan) shot portions of Saif Ali Khan in Mumbai.

Season 2 was dropped at midnight on 15th August (India’s Independence Day) and has received almost positive reviews from critics and audiences.

Watch Sacred Games 2 trailer from here:

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